Pledge Time: If Mueller is fired mobilize IMMEDIATELY

If Robert Mueller gets the axe it’s essential that we drop everything and become visible — hundreds of thousands of us within 10 minutes, millions within two hours. We will need to hit the streets, at once:  Do not pass GO, do not bother to collect $200 from George Soros.  But most important, DO NOT HESITATE.

There will be anger and it must be seen, but even more important than that, it will need to be channeled into non-violent means of protest. We have to be prepared for that. We need to set the tone — we can’t afford to leave this one to chance.

Be ready. Pass the word. May we not need to actually do this, but if we do our reaction should be instantaneous, peaceful, and massive. It is possible for Congress to reestablish an Independent Prosecutor position if Trump has Mueller fired, but Republicans will hesitate to do so. Only the scale of our reaction can force their hand to do so.  But we must represent the non violent affirmation of democracy’s spirit through our highly visible presence, one that can resonate with true patriots everywhere, regardless of their party affiliation. Our manifest resolve to do this, if needed, could even be what finally deters a dismissal that would trigger this event.

If we are forced to respond it should be as close to a General Strike as our nation in its current state can muster — but I wouldn’t call it that, rather it’s a mass mobilization display of our resolve. The goal isn’t to shut down our economy anywhere — just to demonstrate the breadth and strength of our resistance to another “Saturday Night Massacre” and the constitutional crisis that one would inevitably plunge America into barring swift Congressional intervention. We owe this response to multiple past generations of Americans who preserved a working Democracy for us to have and pass on to future generations of Americans.

None of this is because any of us can know with certainty what Robert Mueller may or may not find if allowed to do his job, I trust in his integrity to be guided by the facts. Rather it is because we do know with certainty that, in a Democracy, no Ruler can dictate which rules govern them, or who is allowed to question their conduct while in office.

If Robert Mueller is fired, Into the streets. Everywhere. Instantaneously. Simultaneously: PEACEFUL MASS RESISTANCE.

Spread the word..

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